We created and developed programs to offer our clients the training & nutrition services they need.
Every women of all fitness levels are welcome wether you are competing for professional fitness show, soon to be bride who would like to look their best on their big day, or just want to lead a healthy lifestyle and be fit. 


Total Bikini Fit Program 
(1 on 1 Training)

Total Bikini Fit Program is for women who are looking to get fit and healthy but are not comfortable around gym setting.  One on one personal training sessions and customized nutrition plans are included in your program.  In Total Bikini Fit Platinum Package, prepped meals are also included according to your personalized nutrition plan so you never have to worry about prepping your own meals (2 meals per day).


Team Bikini Fit Athlete Program

Team Bikini Fit Athlete Program is for women who are comfortable training on their own in the gym and looking to compete in a fitness competition.  Only customized online training and nutrition program is included in this program.  However, weekly Skype check ins are included in the program to track your progress.


Bikini Fabulous 40+ Training
(3 months)

Bikini Fabulous +40 Program is specialized for women over 40 to strengthen the core and their mid section to get results they are looking for faster without the risk of injuries.  This program focuses having safe but fun workout sessions. 


Bikini Fit Brides Program
(3 months)

Bikini Fit Brides Program is for women preparing for their special day and would like to get in the best shape of their lives.  This program is specialized for brides to target upper body and waist line to look their best in their wedding gown.  Customized prepped meals are also included in this program to guarantee result.


BikiniFit online training

Online Bikini Fit Program is for women who are comfortable in the gym but not looking to compete.  This program is NOT a customized plan.  Weekly email blast will be sent out as well as weekly photo feedback.

  • Weekly workout and nutrition email blast
  • Weekly photo update/progress

$150 +tax


Can add on to all the package listed here?    YES

1. Photoshoot package $500-1000
2. Personal Training $80 per session
3. Personal Training Session with IFBB Pro $120 per session
4.  Make up and hair services $200
5.  Skype Check ins  $50
6.  Body composition check up $50