Claire Jeong


2nd Bikini Class C – OPA GNC Canfitpro Natural Championships
1st  Bikini Class C - OPA Allmax Winston Roberts Open Championships

Life Style Coach Awards – TotumLifeScience 

Bikini Fit Personal Trainer, Bikini Competitors 

 Over 10 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry,
 Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine (KNSU)
 Over 10 certificates in Health Specialities

- Corrective Exercise Specialist  (National Academy of Sport Medicine)
- Fascial Stretch  Therapist  Level 1 (StretchToWin)
- Certified BioPrint Practitioner Level1 (StrenthSensei)
- Fitness Nutrition Specialist  (NASM)
- Nutrition & Weight Loss Specialist  (Can-Fit-Pro)
- Personal Trainer Specialist  (Can-Fit-Pro)
- Resist -A-Ball (Can-Fit-Pro)
- Assessment & Exercise, Program Design (Darby Training Systems)
- Olympic Weightlifting (Darby Training Systems)
- BOSU Balance Trainer (BOSU)
- Sports Leader Bodybuilding (Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism Leisure)
- Certified Athletic Trainer (KATA)
- Clinical Exercise Specialist (KACEP)